Softwares to help you learning to play guitar

When you start on the guitar there are some difficulties that we can meet such as playing at the right speed or maintain the tempo, know or place the fingers on the handle. It is important to be able to listen to the song and view the tablature or score.
if you do not know the music theory then reassure you because the method of writing music by tablature is quite correct.

It is possible to find tablatures absolutely free on the internet and to be able to publish them so as to make them play live on software. One of the best known software is Guitar Pro,
there is however a more basic equivalent version of this software but completely free: Tuxguitar.

With this software you will be able to edit Gp3 Gp4 Gp5 (guitar pro) scores / tablatures and play them live so you can observe the game of notes on the fretboard and the rhythm that is adjusted.
The software has many options (selection of tracks, transpositions, printing on sheets, import export to various formats as well as various useful tools.

This software will save you a lot of time when you will seek to play a song painfully ear while you enough to download and read.

Here is a website were you can download free Guitar pro tabs :

there are others websites to find what you are looking for, so make your own reserch.

I use personnaly this software combined with Cubase to create playback for my repetitions,  the song of the beat and the bass are correct,

Here is a srean capture that i have made from this software:

Here is a pack of guitar pro tabs that i have created

Click here to download



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